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Velocilinx Brennus Gaming Mouse

Velocilinx Brennus Gaming Mouse
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The Velocilinx Brennus is a wired, USB gaming mouse. It’s programmable and has multiple DPI settings (1k, 2k, 3k, 5k, 7k, 10k) and various lighting effects (6-color RGB). The Brennus is a sharp-looking mouse that is dominated by an angular, rubber-textured black body and accented by a metallic base and glowing lights.

The lighting allows you to set the pattern and color of the lighting in the main body of the mouse, which shines through the Velocinx logo. These were fairly similar, and I choose Neon as my favorite. When you tilt the mouse on its side, you can see the rounded bulb that is the source for this lighting, which is fairly bright. This also shows that there’s literally a hole that passes through the base of the mouse.

The body of the mouse is covered with a rubbery coating. It’s good because it makes it easy to grip and hold the mouse. It’s bad because it attracts oil, fingerprints, dust, and lint.

Overall, the Velocinlinx Brennus is a good, mid-ranged gaming mouse that comes with a nice set of adjustable features. It’s has a solid, sturdy construction, due in part to its metal base and sides. Before buying, take another look at the side of the mouse in the pictures above. Depending upon your grip and the temperature of your gaming room, you might be bothered by the hole in the base and the metallic side grips.

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