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The ACADEMY is an universal platform for linking public to educational institutions and programs to learn everything about the 30 plus sectors relating to IT, Sports (including esports), Children Smart Education, CPD (Continuing Professional Development), and lifestyle issues, and to foster an ecosystem for the development of a better, greener, healthier lifestyle to global consumers, students, gamers and athletes. Interaction and experience sharing with celebrity lecturers such as gamers, coaches are also available for members in addition to the exchange of information among users of the platform. We also encourage our partners to participate in our global programs, and to make use of the full value chain solutions/services such as marketing, payment, data analysis, and more.

To enhance the development of esports sector globally, we welcome those who are interested in applying for scholarships with pre-approved programs offered by selective leading institutions (list to be updated subject to the finalization of arrangements with these institutions).



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