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Asus ROG Cetra (Headphones)

Asus ROG Cetra (Headphones)
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Even with the low-latency modes offered by popular wireless earphones, nothing beats the accuracy and timing of good old-fashioned wires when gaming. This is especially important with smartphone gaming; popular titles such as PUBG Mobile allow you to use sound cues as much as visuals to stay ahead of the competition.

Although smartphones such as the Asus ROG Phone 3 are focused on the mobile gaming experience, not too many gaming-focused headsets for smartphones can be found. Furthermore, with the 3.5mm headphone jack barely featuring on premium smartphones anymore, gamers are finding themselves running out of good audio options. That's where the Asus ROG Cetra comes in.

The Asus ROG Cetra is a wired in-ear headset designed primarily for gaming. It features active noise cancellation and USB Type-C connectivity so it can draw power directly from the connected source device. It works with various devices including smartphones, PCs and laptops, and even the Nintendo Switch. If you're serious about gaming, you might be considering this headset already.

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