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Budget Phone: Nokia 7 Plus Review

Budget Phone: Nokia 7 Plus Review
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After several years since its release, how is the Nokia smartphone holding up? After Nokia being acquired by another company, their approach to phones become a bit modern now, meanwhile keeping some of their advantages. Nokia 7 plus still feels like a durable phone, I dropped it several times not leaving a scratch. Perhaps a back with no glass and a cheap glass screen just might be good. The battery life on Nokia 7 Plus is also an advantage. A 3800mAh battery capacity triumphs over many of other models at the price point when it first released. When battery-saving mode is turned on, the phone can last hours before its shutdown. Driving a Snapdragon 660 CPU, the phone does not feel like a power-consuming piece either. However, this means sacrifice in gaming performance and video watching, as apps often crash when overheats, and will have obvious throttle, given it only has 4GB of RAM.

The screen does feel big enough, and it does not have the weird human forehead design of iPhone X. However, they were definitely not ready to make a phone with no edges at this price. The 6 inch screen can support widescreen display, however, it will crop the videos when you try fitting the video into the entire screen , as the scale was not done correctly. Dual Sim/Micro SD extension slot is a brilliant approach, yet I feel like 64GB is already enough for me. Although I appreciate the co

nvenient design of fingerprint button, the camera is one of the biggest disappointment. Although the camera has dual ZEISS lens, the camera cannot withstand even a little bit of hand shaking. The images looks like I am violently shaking, as if an earthquake strikes. The budget smartphones have many ways to combat this, so I do not know why this camera lens feels this poor. After 2 years in use, the battery is not as durable as before, but this happens to every phone whatsoever. Currently standing at a price of around 200 USD (1740 HKD), the phone is a good budget choice, if you do not like to play mobile games, or taking photos. The photos are fine, if only you can keep completely still. The model is quite rare to find, but there should be plenty in the second hand market.

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