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Lenovo Legion Slim 7i: A Light Gaming Beast?

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i: A Light Gaming Beast?

On paper, the new Lenovo gaming laptop looks really promising. With its slim design of only 0.8inches (2cm) thick, the product aims to strike a balance between portability and performance. However, if you look into it more, given that it will probably has better cost-performance ratio than ROG Zephyrus Series, many aspects do not quite hit the mark. Especially, when it has given up on the elevated design.

Although they put “slim” in its name, the dimension it has stated has quite a lot of competitors. This inclues hp laptops, ASUS laptops and more. The weight is not the best among all as well, as the new ROG series can weigh as low as 1.6 kg compared to Lenovo’s 2.1kg. This might be a big controversy, as Lenovo can provide this at around $1300 while ASUS cannot. However, Asus seems to have much better designs with LED and textures, so after all, it is really a matter of opinion for the appearances.

So, Let us talk about the real tech specs. The laptop can pair an i9-10980HK with a maximum of RTX 2060 Max-Q, or a budget choice will be i5-9300H and GTX1650Ti. In terms of just looking at Intel, this can be a huge upgrade as you rarely find 8-core CPU from the intel camp, meanwhile if you are smart enough, just buy a laptop with Ryzen CPU. Thermals can be a concern in such a small chassis. If you chose to get a budget laptop, the thing is you will sacrifice the ray tracing exclusive provided by Nvidia, or else you will have to downgrade RAM size or CPU model. Last but not least, bear in mind that Max-Q designs are power saving, it will not be as good as a desktop RTX2060, not even close. An 8 hour battery life, seems average for a gaming laptop, which is nice. We will have to wait for the October launch to see how much better it is compared to non-slim, and other brands.

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