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The Kain has been a long time coming and it's available today. It was obsessed over, but in the best possible way. The starting vision was to create the best possible click, but this evolved into a meticulous analysis of just about every part of the mouse. We remastered each detail, from the shape to the internal mechanics to the surface material. We don’t use the word lightly, but we’re proud to call it our masterpiece.

The Kain 100 is a core performance version. It's unique feature is its rubberized side grips which are integrated directly into the shell of the mouse for added durability. It's a great pick for gamers who care more about performance and being able to keep a firm hold of their mouse than they do about lighting aesthetic.

The full-featured Kain 120 AIMO gives gamers the full, unfiltered Kain experience. Feature-rich, it builds upon its foundational Titan Click technology with an enhanced AIMO experience with two lighting zones. It also features an evolutionary performance coating that boasts superior grip while also resisting dirt for ease of maintenance.

The Kain 200 AIMO represents the series’ wireless variant. Titan Click, dual-zone AIMO and a performance coating – it’s got it all. Two key features set it apart from the other mice in the series. Firstly, its sensor is specifically optimized for maximum performance with minimum battery consumption. It lasts for up to 50 hours of game time on a single charge. Secondly, its high-bandwidth means it performs even faster than wired.

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