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Professional Gamer of Street Fighter

  • Jonny Cheng aka Humanbomb

  • The first full-time professional Street Fighter gamer in Hong Kong

  • One of the top Street Fighter player in the world

  • He qualified for Capcom Cup by his consistent top 8 placing in the Asia region and qualified to Capcom Cup in 2015 and 2016

  • The only professional player from Hong Kong who competed in the top 8 in both EVO World and EVO Japan

  • A professional gamer who actively competed in numerous international tournaments.

  • He also acts as brand ambassador for various gaming and IT related products.

  • Invited by both local and international media channels and social platforms for interviews and TV shows.


•Shadowloo Showdown 2011 SSF4AE 13th

•Shadowloo Showdown 2011 SFxT 13th


•EVO2012 SSF4AE2012 5th


•SEAM2013 SSFAE2102 3th

•EVO2013 SSF4AE2012 17th

•ThaigerUppercut Championship 2013 スパ4AE2012 7th

•ThaigerUppercut Championship 2013

•World Cyber Games 2013 SSF4AE2012 3th


•Hong Kong Esports USF4 4th

•Hong Kong Esports 2 USF4 3th

•Taiwan Capcom Pro Tour USF4 7th

•Saigon Cup CPT USF4 3th

•Thaigeruppercut Championship 2014 USF4 9th

•Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals USF4 5th


•Abuget Cup 2015 USF4 2th

•Double Elimination USF4 5th

•South East Asia Major 2015 USF4 13th

•CPTA上海予選 USF4 4th

•FV Cup 2015 USF4 13th

•CPTA香港予選 USF4 5th

•Manila Cup 2015 USF4 2th

•Saigon Cup 2015 USF4 5th

•Ze Fighting Championship 2015 USF4 3th

•DreamHack Winter 2015 USF4 4th

Capcom Cup 2015 USF4 9th



•Kawing Cup SF5 5th

•Thaiger Uppercut 2016 SF5 17th

•Stunfest 2016 SF5 17th


•天天玩火猫カップSF5 13th

•EVO2016 SF5 33th

•E-Sports Festival HongKong 2016 SF5 5th

•OzHadou Nationals 14 SF5 5th

•Ze Fighting Game 2016 SF5 4th

•New Legacy SF5 5th

•ESL ONE Brooklyn Beatdown SF5 17th

•South East Asia Major 2016 SF5 7th

•FV Cup 2016 SF5 3th

•G-Star 2016: CPT Asia Oceania Regional Finals SF5 7th

•Capcom Cup 2016 SF5 17th


•Zowie Fighter Hong Kong SF5 9th

•FightClub Cup 2017SF5

•Battle Arena Melbourne 9 SF5 17th

•Saigon Cup 2017 SF5 9th

•Capcom Pro Tour Online Asia 2 SF5 33th

•EVO2017 SF5 25th

•E-Sports Festival Hong Kong 2017 SF5 25th

•FV Cup 2017 SF5 3th

•Dueling Dragons Dojo SF5 17th

•TWFighter Major 2017 SF5 17th

•South East Asia Major 2017: CPT Asia Oceania Last Chance Qualifier SF5 5th

•Evolution Championshio Series 2017 25th

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