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One to One Thai course

  • 1 hour
  • 400 Hong Kong dollars
  • Online

Service Description

One on One Thai Course - A Fun and Easy Way to Learn Thai Learn to converse in Thai the entertaining and simple way in this interactive course. What you'll learn • Can hold a basic conversation with a native Thai speaker. • Introduce yourself, greet others, describe yourself as well as your family members and friends, use personal pronouns in creating sentences, and be able to talk about food including Thai cuisine. Requirements • No prior Thai knowledge is required. • All you’ll need is a notebook, a pen, and passion for learning Thai. Description • The goal of this course is to have you speaking functional Thai that you can use in your day-to-day life therefore you can enjoy basic conversations with native Thai speakers. • If you happen to have Thai spoken family and friends, you will be able to use this as a stepping stool to start and participate in conversations with them. • Similarly, even if you do not have a Thai speaking person to practice with, this course is interactive enough so that you will be able to test your Thai right away. • Using multiple techniques, including the use of dialogues, imagery, contextual learning, summarization, and practice testing, you will find this course a fun and easy way to learn Thai. Who this course is for: • It is designed for people with little or no knowledge of Thai. • It is vital for beginners who would like to dive right in to learning a language over conversations. • You will come out of the course with a greater enthusiasm for Thai, country, and culture.

Contact Details

+852 2110 1013

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